Garageband Tutorial Guide

How can i save my project in GarageBand

Garageband is software developed by Apple Incorporated, and they sell it for Mac PC and MacBooks so that the consumers can produce music on Digital Audio Workstation. Music production eccentric laptops engineered for DAW’s and other programs, and the company started to sell it to the people for a long time.

Garageband is compatible with Apple devices only, so it offers excellent stability, performance, and good rendering time. Millions of music producers, content creators, and beginners are going for the MacBook and Mac PC. Garageband and Final Cut Pro play a major role in selling the machines, and no one can deny it. Click this link to know about how to  download and install GarageBand on your PC or Mac, 

Save Project in Garageband

Learning the program takes plenty of time, and the first step comes with saving the project. Users can edit the project, add something new, and work on it every day, but you cannot leave it without saving the changes.

Step 1: Launch the program on your MacBook, Mac PC or Hackintosh.

Step 2: In the top menu, you can find the “share” button, and click on it to view more options.

Step 3: Share feature offers plenty of features to the users, so they can start working on the track anywhere. Apple starts prompting the users to take advantage of the eco-system.

1. Share the project as a song in iTunes.

2. Convert the project into ringtone format and send it to iTunes.

3. Share the song to media browser.

4. Share the song to SoundCloud platform.

Step 4: The last option saves the project as a song or selected format in local drive. Click on “Export Song to Disk” and a small window will pop-up on your screen.